No game is complete without sounds. Here are 10 Free Video Game Sounds for your game project!

Have you ever played a video game with the sound muted? It was not that interesting, was it? All visuals and no sounds makes video game a dull play. Cool sound effect is the crucial factor that contributes to the best gaming experience.

Want to use the best game sounds to blow your players away without breaking the bank? Lucky for you, MotionElements is giving away 10 Free Video Game Sounds! From “laser gun” to “male scream”, the curation consists of high-quality audio materials that are associated with most events in a gameplay and will keep your players entertained.

Oh, have I mentioned that all the free SFX elements are under Royalty-free licensing?

Make sure you don’t miss out on these Free Video Game Sounds that are ready for download now!

1. Fx

This audio can be used when a new character shows up or when a jet flies by.

2. Laser Gun

phew! phew! phew!

3. Game Click Switch

Perfect game controller bottom SFX.

4. Gun Shot

Want to feature a shooting scene? Hooray, you just found your gunshot sound effect!

5. Screams Male 02

Every exciting video game has a screaming man in it. I’ll just leave this here.

6. Game Bonus

Bonus time! Don’t we all love it?!

7. Missile 05

Missile attack! Missile attack! Everyone hides!

8. Sci Fi Alarm Loop

It’s the sound when you complete the stage. Yay, you!

9. Jump To Disappear

*Teleporting in progress*

10. Records game stopped FX

“oh oh… You died. Please try again:( ”

See how you can utilize these free video game sounds in your project:

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