Your Artist Page is important because it is the impression you make to your potential buyers on MotionElements. Here is a demo to demonstrate the 10 steps to customize your Artist Page.

Follow these 10 steps to make your Artist Page look stunning and grow sales faster!

Step 1: Log in to your Artist Page

Click on “Artist” and find “Dashboard“. After arriving at the Artist Dashboard, click on your “Artist name”. If you haven’t customized your Artist Page, you will see the default look.

Step 2: To customize your Artist Page

Go to “Marketing” on the left sidebar and click “Manage Artist Page.”

Step 3: Now to set your Artist avatar photo

Start customizing your page by setting a profile photo. Click on “Choose File” under the default image and select an image (180 x180px) to upload. For branding purposes, we suggest using an image that represents you or your company.

Step 4: Next, to set the featured background for your Artist Page

Click on “Choose File” under the Featured Background section and select an image (1920px x width) to upload. For branding purposes, we recommend to use a featured background image consistent with your Artist avatar.

Step 5: Fill up the Description

Write about yourself and your works to appeal to your potential buyers. You can even use basic HTML code to add links by clicking on the “<>” icon.

Step 6: Add promotional banner to your Artist Page

Scroll down to “Self Promotional Banners” and add your banner (1140px x width) to your Artist Page. For branding purposes, we highly recommend a promotional banner image aligned with your Artist avatar and featured background.

Step 7: Promote your Favorite group(s)

Go to the Artist Picks section, click on the drag-down list and choose the favorite group you would like to promote. It will show between the “About Me” section and the promotional banner.

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Step 8: Add information on Software & Tools

Let your buyers know what software you use to create greater trust and confidence. Enter all of the software you use, such as Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere… For “Equipment that I use“, enter the tools you use when you create the elements, such as Canon EOS 7D… It will be displayed next to “About Me” on your Artist Page.

Step 9: For Hero Artists, add website link, YouTube / Vimeo showreel URL and social media links

More options are available once you’ve leveled up your Hero status. Add in these sections to provide more information to potential buyers.

Step 10: Now to publish your changes

Change “Save as Draft” to “Publish” and click “Save“. You will see a message saying your Artist Page has been published. When you go back to your Artist Page, you will see the results of the changes.