Struggling with picking the right transition for your project? Or desiring to jazz up the visuals but don’t want to bombard the footage with random transitioning effects? Say no more, here MotionElements curates 30 Best After Effects Transition Template for you.

In today’s editing game, aesthetics of continuity is crucial. A good video should avoid hard cuts, and have a smooth flow from one scene to the next. However, it is always easier said than done.There are so many transition effects to choose from: wipes, fade, cut, zoom out/in — that sometimes makes your head hurt. Not to mention that it is hard to find a balanced way to add transitioning effects to the project.

Too many different transitions in one video? Result: It look cheap and poorly-produced.

Use only few transition effects in between shots? Result: It is most likely not fun to watch.

Conclusion: It is an unpleasant brain-twister.

Now, thanks to the talented After Effects artists, we are able to start the project with millions of solid, well-made After Effects transition templates! Yay!

Templates are wonderful editing shortcuts. Most of the them contain a series of transition designs. Therefore, you can use different effects to enhance the visuals that won’t lead to a messy look. What’s even better, they are super easy to customize. Just drop the pre-made transitions in between clips and hit render, then you will truly realize the benefit of streamlining the process.

But enough talking, let’s take a look at the best of After Effects Transition Template on MotionElement, shall we?

Top 110 Templates:

1. Clean Slideshow

This is a versatile After Effects Transition Template. With well-designed text layers, smooth transitions and elegantly animated light leaks, it is perfect for presentations, commercials, promotions and event videos. Very simple to customize. Download the template today to enhance your visuals with ease! Available in HD.

2. Happy Slideshow

Happy slideshow is a creative After Effects Transition Template. It features 14 text placeholders, 14 video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. The video tutorial is included. The slideshow is an energetically animated template with simple, cinematic light leak effects. A neat way to add uniqueness to your project. Perfect intros or openers to both family event videos or business presentations.

3. Slideshow

Slideshow is a clean looking and dynamically animated After Effects Transition template. With the refreshing style, smooth transitioning effects and simple text animations, it is a wonderful short intro or opener to your TV shows, commercials, presentations, promotions and upcoming events videos. Add a bit of fun to your slideshow with this fast and uplifting AE template!

4. Zoom Logo Reveal (Search Style)

Zoom Logo Reveal will help you achieve a creative, sophisticated look without having any advanced video editing skills. The After Effects Transition template comes with 1 text placeholder, 2 video placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. 100% editable and color control. Audio fx Included. Drop your text, logo, images and hit render. Then sit back and enjoy the amazing output!

5. Simple Opener (Normal version 48sec)

Simple Opener 24sec version is a stylish, ultramodern slideshow, featuring 15 media placeholders and 7 text placeholders. It has simplistically animated transition. Simple yet extremely eye catching. It can be an outstanding intro or opener to a commercial, TV shows, corporation presentation, product teaser, and social media promo video. Stand out from the crowd with this well-designed template today!

6. Scribbles Hand Drawn Pack

Scribbles Hand Drawn Pack is a cute and original After Effects template. The pack contains 52 animated items in total: 17 titles illustrations,1 title animation, 9 textures, 9 scribbles, 8 transitions, and 8 animated icons. Capture your audience’s attention with this playful looking and attractively animated After Effects Template. You will be impressed with how much you can do with such a small investment right away!

7. Paints Slideshow

This After Effects template is incredibly stunning. Why still spend hours to start with a project from square one when you can simply use Paints Slideshow to create this enchanting visuals? The template consists of 11 text placeholders and 11 media placeholders. Perfect intros or openers to your anniversary, TV shows, events, Youtube and Instagram video. Don’t miss out this great work!

8. Cinematic Demo Reel MA

Looking for an ultramodern openers? You just found it! Cinematic Demo Reel MA is an extremely trendy and stylish template for After Effects. The template is 100% customizable, composed of 25 editable text layers and 13 media placeholders. It will work great with a wide range of projects, such as films, trailers, commercials, documentaries, promotions, product launch, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube videos. Enjoy!

9. Elegant Slideshow

As the name suggested, this Ae template is indeed elegant. It contains 34 editable text placeholders, 17 media placeholders, and softly, smoothly animated transitions. No Plug-in needed. Available in HD. A great way to enhance your project.

10. 50 Matte Transitions – Ultimate Pack

11. Vintage Story (Brush Strokes Slideshow)

12. Ultra Light Transitions

13. Dynamic Presentation Slideshow

14. Light Leaks Transitions

15. 26 Clean Transitions

16. Epic Strips Slideshow

17. Lines Light Transitions

18. Creative Slideshow

19. Cinematic Brush Strokes

20. Dynamic Transition Slideshow

21. 250 Transitions

22. Shape Elements Pack

23. Line Transition Color Pack

24. 50 Shape Transitions

25. Beautiful Bokeh Transitions

26. Infinite zoom Logo Reveal

27. Shape Transitions

28. 25 Light Leaks Transitions

29. New Parallax Slideshow

30. Epic Glitch Intro / Package 4×1 in 4K by AEBlocks

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