The cathartic effect of music is an invaluable tool for filmmakers. However, if you’re on a tight budget (check out our latest free stock music here!) or you’re just starting to experiment with making your own films, you don’t want to invest in expensive audio editing software for music tracks. Fortunately, there are some free quality programs out there that can help you add those succulent sounds to your movies without wounding your budget. Here are some of the tip picks.


Audacity is hands down one of the best free audio editing programs. This open source software includes a friendly user interface (UI) that is ideal for both beginners and those who know a little more about editing audio. The UI has a toolbar, audio controls, level sliders and level meters, a shortcut bar, selection tools, and an audio timeline. In addition to letting you edit music, Audacity also lets you record your own tracks.

Acoustica Basic Edition

One of the coolest things about Acoustica Basic Edition is that if you like it, you can upgrade to the standard or premium versions, both of which come with enhanced features and more sound effects. However, you’ll still fare well if you stick to the basic version. It lets you mix, edit, record, and master your audio tracks.

Audio Joiner

Audio Joiner is not a comprehensive audio editing program, but it deserves a nod because it gives you a stress-free way to join stock music tracks together so you can create seamless montages. There is no limit to the number of tracks you can string together. Also, this program won’t eat up a bunch of memory on your computer; it is entirely online.

Since Audio Joiner doesn’t allow you to record your own tracks, you’ll have to go elsewhere for your tunes. Check out a royalty free music library to get tracks that you can use for bgm music and other purposes within your films.

Power Sound Editor Free

Power Sound Editor Free is a well-rounded program that lets you do almost anything you might need to do with your music. With its well-designed UI, you can edit your library music by adding effects like reverberation and chorus. You can also mix your background music for video and easily burn it onto CDs. Power Sound Editor Free’s flexibility goes even further; it supports virtually all types of audio files, including MP3, WMA, and WAV.

Music Editor Free

Music Editor Free (MEF) is another one of the top free audio editing programs. Reviewers for Softonic, Brothersoft, and ComputerBild all laud its practical features. It allows you to do things like burn CDs and edit sounds. It includes a library of more than 20 effects, including reverberation, chorus, delay, and flanger. Don’t get too carried away with your editing; the licenses on free stock music and other audio tracks usually forbid you from altering it beyond recognition.

Music adds flavor and life to your films, and it doesn’t have to cost you to adapt it to fit your creative vision. Play around with the above audio editing tools and settle on one that fits your editing needs. When in doubt, plug in bgm music from a royalty free music library to help ramp up the excitement in your video.