Whether you want to create videos to promote your business, tell a story, or bring attention to hot-button issues, you face an engrossing task. However, it can also be an expensive task if you don’t know where to turn to for affordable video editing tools. Here are some free programs that will help you hone your video editing skills.

YouTube Video Editor

YouTube is the home of video hosting, but you can also use it to edit your video clips. It has some practical basic tools; it allows you to combine video clips, trim them, and even enhance them by reducing shakiness and brightening the footage.

If you want to spice up your project a little, you can take advantage of YouTube’s approved tracks and Creative Commons licensed video clips. Of course, YouTube isn’t the only place you can turn to for stock video footage. Searching through a stock footage library will turn up a range of high-quality HD clips and 4k stock footage that can add an extra special touch to your videos.


While Blender doesn’t have the most intuitive user interface, its range of features won’t let you regret the time you spend getting to learn the ropes of the program. Blender includes markers so you can easily cut down your HD clips, even if you have an immense amount. It also lets you connect the trimmed ends of footage so you don’t spend minutes or hours trying to get them perfectly lined up. Once you are done, you can also easily add bgm music from a royalty free music library.


WeVideo offers users the unique opportunity to collaborate with up to four other users on one video project. For those who are fans of iMovie, you’ll find this video editing program familiar and easy-to-use with the similar interface. The program supports multi-track audio and comes equipped with a wide array of after effects, animations, transitions, and color correction filters. One of the highlights of this free software is the simplicity of it. Say goodbye to template restrictions! With WeVideo, it’s never been easier to add text, transitions, after effects, stock music, and audio. Beginners looking to better their video editing skills should try out this program.

FileLab Video Editor

FileLab Video Editor belongs to a three-part suite of programs that also includes an audio editor and a Windows Cleaner. However, you can still benefit if you only want to use the video editor. With its simple, easy-to-learn interface, FileLab lets you mix, merge, rotate, and trim your videos. To add a little extra flair, play around with available effects like Old Movie and Pencil Sketch so even stock video footage has your creative touch. You can also insert text and video overlays.


Digital Trends calls Avidemux “the Instagram of video editing software,” saying that it is, “quick, dirty, and impressively capable.” This open source program allows you to automate tasks with its job queues and custom scripting abilities. It is a good basic program for filmmakers who don’t need to do a lot of heavy-duty editing. Just be double sure you save your work regularly because Avidemux has been known to crash once in a while.

Putting together an impressive, professional-looking film doesn’t need to make you resort to desperate measures to fund your projects. The above video editing programs are both free and functional.