Early June this year, Google released their breakthrough in machine learning technology; Google AI Intelligence that can create algorithms to generate music. What we have now is a 90-second piano melody, generated through the trained neural network, with only four notes provided at the start.

At this point you may think: Great~~I no longer need to look for background music!! I can from now on just write any music I want with a robot!

Unfortunately, if you have read the new article published by Google carefully, you would have realized that the technical development of composing music by AI Intelligence is not fully developed yet, it can’t for now customize the ideal background music for videos.

Don’t get too disappointed however. In September this year, the stock video website MotionElements published the newest technology in the industry “AfterEffects project template with recommended music lists”. This feature operates on AI Intelligence by analyzing the original AfterEffects project template background music, then uses AI Intelligence to provide you with three similar styles yet different music compositions from MotionElements stock music collection.


In this newest feature, you can find your ideal music track while you’re choosing the AE templates, perfecting the one stop shop solution – saving much needed time for producers like you. Giving you extra time to produce better videos; and of course: more time to relax~

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