Observed by the People’s Republic of China including Hong Kong and Macau, the National Day, which is a public holiday, is celebrated every year on October 1. The Chinese people look forward to this special occasion because it is the longest holiday in China besides the Spring Festival where they go traveling around the country. In fact, this holiday is a popular time for travel as a three day paid holiday is currently given in mainland China, two days in Macau and one day in Hong Kong. Most importantly, the occasion gives the Chinese people, who cannot afford to travel abroad, the chance to visit their family and friends instead. This is a wonderful time of the year where they get to see each other and talk to their heart’s content. The People’s Republic of China has two Golden Weeks and the National Day marks the start of one of the two semi-annual 7-day national holidays in mainland China. Implemented in 2000, the other holiday is The Chinese Lunar New Year Golden Week, which begins in January or February.

The national holiday commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. Sixty four years ago on this day at Tiananmen Square, China celebrated the forming of the Central People’s Government. The following day, October 2, the new government passed the Resolution on the National Day of the People’s Republic of China and declared that October 1 is a National Day. Chinese people welcomed the special occasion with a grand celebration that has gained tremendous popularity not only in China, Hong Kong and Macau but also abroad. There is no denying that the Chinese people genuinely love their country as shown in the way they celebrate the holiday with patriotic feelings.

One of the most attractive highlights during the national day is the military review at the Tiananmen Square. It is a sight that people from the People’s Republic of China and abroad are looking forward to witness. Although the military reviews and parade is now only held every five years in a small scale and every ten years in a large scale, there are other remarkable celebration activities to look forward to. History buffs can get their fill of historical sites and culture buffs can enjoy the different ways the Chinese people do in celebrating the founding of their country. For nature-trippers, they can delight in the natural tourist spots and everyone can truly enjoy taking photos. Indeed, this is a perfect time for film enthusiasts to take footage of the various sights and sound.

Flag raising ceremonies are given so much importance in this country. Clearly, this is a meaningful sight as it symbolizes patriotism and represents all of the People’s Republic of China. It will be great to catch this unique show of genuine patriotism on video. At this time of the year, dance and song shows will also be staged where children and adults alike perform traditional dances and songs. Of course, it is important not to miss the fantastic firework displays. If one loves painting and calligraphy, several exhibitions are also held during this holiday. The national day is also a great time for shopping because many malls offer interesting discounts that many people will surely take advantage of. Expect the shopping malls, streets, museums and other entertainment places to be crowded during the holiday. All of the attraction sites especially in the city will be busy so it is best to make a plan or an itinerary when one wants to explore the place to avoid confusion, which can be frustrating. Traffic will be a challenge too so it is advisable to book transportation tickets and hotel rooms in advance.

National day in Hong Kong is always welcomed with a festive atmosphere. Held since 1997, the year of the handover of the territory from British hands to China, Hong Kong people surely welcomes this day. Like every other occasions, fireworks display is one of the much anticipated highlights during the holiday. At this time of year, you can be sure that there will be fireworks, fine dining and party. There will also be a series of official and community celebration activities. In Victoria Harbor at night, for example, many people from Hong Kong and abroad look forward to a fabulous firework display. The annual shows of pyrotechnics are simply breathtaking and the Hong Kong skyline will be a sight to behold during the firework presentations. Aside from the pageantry, there are also programs of different thematic acts to witness. What can be of great interest for film enthusiasts is to take a footage of the Sea parade too.

During the holiday, mainland China and Hong Kong and Macau will be brimming with joy and jubilation. The significance of this event is actually evident in the way Chinese people celebrate the country’s memorial day and the singing of the national anthem during the flag raising ceremony. The National Day celebration in mainland China, Hongkong and Macau will certainly remain as one of the happiest occasions in the country.