Even though many people across the globe dabble in editing and filmmaking and undoubtedly use programs like After Effects, only few actually know how to use all of its features.

What they don’t know is that Adobe’s digital motion graphics and visual effects software is capable of creating cinematic effects that you never even thought possible. Take video introductions for example. If you’re content with using marquees or simple fades in and out with the first few frames, wait until you see what you can do with downloadable and manageable After Effects templates.

Made Available For Your Benefit

Project templates are available for those who want to save time on post-production work. Instead of gathering raw materials and painstakingly putting them together, you can just download one of our microstock elements and make the necessary changes to make it your own. Project templates allow you to be the artist, director, or videographer that you were born to be. You spend less time with the technical, post-production aspect and more time with the creative and conceptual part of your work

Bigger, Grander, and More Dramatic

Cinematic video introductions are easy to create. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars just to have them. With the right template, you can make your movies bigger, grander, and more dramatic. Our popular Cinematic Trailer Action template, for instance, can make any presentation truly cinematic. It has 10 spots for text and one for your logo. The colors are easy to edit and require no additional plugins. With its spectacular play on lights and excellent timing in between spots, it packs a powerful punch for your projects. Even the shortest and simplest clips can create an impact with this template microstock content alone.

Your Efforts Can Pay Off

Making your video introduction cinematic is more than just a personal preference. Most of the time, your efforts can pay off. If you’re a freelance editor, you can save time and take on more projects. If you’re a corporate videographer, your presentation can help you impress an investor and close a deal. After Effects templates offer more than just aesthetic benefits for your project; it can help you prompt the response you want from your audience or achieve the results you need for your multimedia presentation.

If you need After Effects templates to create a cinematic introduction for your video, browse through our channel and find out about the options available to you. MotionElements is your number one resource for After Effects templates and we have other microstock content available for your convenience