Naturally, we were very excited to be part of one of the largest events of its kind. The venue was packed to the rafters with a highly relevant crowd of innovators and creatives, exactly the sort of people we want to share our own technology with.





Between ourselves and the other exhibitors there was plenty for all to feast their eyes on. We found ourselves alongside companies with VR, AR, wearables and other interactive technologies, all bringing interesting propositions to the content marketplace, and some bringing rather interesting mascots!




Content Tokyo 2015 truly synergized all genres of the content industry, and while it rained outside over the three days of the exhibition, there was still a lot of action inside at the booths. The Motion Elements crew could not have been happier to be there as an exhibitor, promoting 2 advanced features of our website that help users quickly find the royalty-free stock video and music content that’s a perfect fit for their project:

  • VisualSearch – Our websites vastly improved VisualSearch function, whereby dragging and dropping a referenced image into the search field, our site is able to recommend results based on the style, texture, colour and object of the referenced image, helping stock media buyers find the most relevant content in as little time as possible.

To demonstrate this feature, rather than the usual sunset and fluffy animal pictures, we used these rather captivating images of one of our booth ladies to demonstrate the feature in action:


Our co-founder Mark Sun explains that “The visual nature of the search overcomes various semantic and language limitations inherent to keyword searches. This effectively globalizes search for all languages, which in turn gives our Artists confidence that their content can be found by buyers with less emphasis on the keywords”

The unique and powerful visual similarity search of MotionElements extensive video footage library can be further refined by keyword searches, which brings us to the 2nd feature…

  • Enhanced keyword search function to better serve our non-English speaking markets across Asia and around the world. In the case of exhibiting in Tokyo, we wanted to show the Japanese attendees that they can search with Japanese keywords on our site. The site is able to deliver relevant results according to their language specific keywords. Recognized as a Top 500 Promising SME by Small Medium Business Association (Singapore) in 2014, and putting ourselves out there with a focus on the Asian market, MotionElements’ enhanced multi-language keyword search advances our mission to be to be the largest royalty-free marketplace in Asia for worldwide stock video and music content.



Over 50,000 highly relevant visitors from around the globe came through the doors. Needless to say, our team in the booth was extremely busy! The show was a great success, the excellent hospitality of the hosts and high interest levels of the visitors were overwhelming. We had a great time and at the end of the show, tiring as it was, our spirits were high, we were left buzzing from the fantastic atmosphere at the end of a successful three days. Eventually it was a wrap, and we rounded up staff and friends for a well-deserved dinner at a nearby restaurant to celebrate not only a job well done, but Mark’s birthday too!