The 16 mm and the Super 8 used to be the HD and 4K of video production during their heyday. This just goes to show how far the world of videography has come. What’s even better is that improvements will always continue, especially with new technologies hitting the market on a regular basis.

Trends will always redefine any field – and that includes videography. Here’s a brief look at some of the things that are shaking up our craft:


Before, you would’ve needed a helicopter to pull off aerial shots similar to the HD stock footage you used in one of your previous projects.

Today, you can create a similar video clip with a drone at your disposal. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are quite inexpensive and easy to use. With the right design, you can mount your camera, control the drone, and capture amazing aerial shots easily.

GoPro cameras

Nothing compares to the sturdiness of GoPro cameras, as these cover the limitation of today’s DSLRs when it comes to unconventional angles and extreme environments. The GoPro has become a go-to gadget for those who want to capture extreme scenes on camera. Whether it is footage of a surfer riding through a massive barrel wave or a skydiver plunging towards the ground – video taken using a GoPro can give your project that extra wow factor.

Crowd Funding

We all know that videos – movies, especially – cost a lot of money to produce. Thanks to crowdfunding, videographers now have a new medium to raise the funds needed for a particular project. This trend has already helped a lot of indie filmmakers and producers – case in point, “Veronica Mars” – create their short features and full-lengths.

Through crowd funding, not only do you secure the finances of your project, you also create an audience base who will watch your final output.


Distribution has become much easier over time; case in point: Netflix. The digital portal has over 40 million members across the globe. The popularity of VOD portals is likely to strengthen – and this is good news for videographers in need of wider and stronger distribution channels.

Shorter Video Lengths

Video continues to be a highly consumed medium on social media – you have Instagram and Vine to thank for that. People now appreciate video even more, especially when they can create their own. Of course, this has its implications on videographers. For today’s video makers, the challenge is to present intelligent and compelling plots at the shortest length possible.

Whatever trends surface, always remember that the craft is about storytelling. To do that, though, you should have the right clips to tell a compelling story with your videos – and that’s where MotionElements can help you. We have a wide collection of stock footage and templates for both Apple Motion and Adobe AfterEffects. With our clips at your disposal, you’re one step closer to making a great video.