AxelLauer has come a long way since incorporation in 1997. While they may have only joined the stock industry in 2013, they have built up an impressive portfolio to contribute to the market.

Despite being a small team, Axel brings us works from all over the world, pulling us closer one video, one image, on creation, at a time.

AxelLauer, shares how their love for global cultures and travelling has guided him and his team in creating their works.

MotionElements: Where are you based in?

AxelLauer (AL): We are based in Berlin, Germany.

ME: What position do you hold?

AL: I am the owner of the company, main photographer and DOP if it comes to video.

ME: How many employees (including yourself) are there?

AL: It varies. At the moment there are 6 employees including myself, but 2012 we were 14 employees.

ME: What are you working on now?

AL: In general we are working on aerials (video and photo). In detail we are producing a feature video of one of the best Shakespeare-Companys in Europe

ME: What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

AL: Right now, it is seeing how “normal” people turn into queens and kings during a shoot, and how this experience increases their self-confidence. Besides that… I love that I get to travel and explore other cultures and countries

ME: What tickles your creative bone? Who/What is your biggest muse?

CR: Cold beer, hot women & good light. Best if all comes together

ME: When and How did you start of selling stock?

AL: We started with stock-business around two years ago and our portfolio grew in that time up to 80.000 images and around 5.000 videos. I think my first contact with selling stock was with Fotolia but we gave up that cooperation quite soon

ME: Do you have a favourite piece you made? If so, what is it and why is it your favourite?

AL: Yes, but unfortunately it is not on Motionelements. It was a short-movie last year.

If you want to know what ME Element we like this one would be a good one:

MotionElements Stock Footage

It shows a timelapse of one of the most fantastic landscapes i have ever seen in my life – and I saw a lot. It is Landmannalaugar in Iceland.

ME: If you have a once in a lifetime project, and you could only grab one piece of equipment to bring with you, which equipment would you bring and why?

AL: Only one Element?? Do you count lens and body separate? In that case i have to bring my pencil and i would lent me a piece of paper and start to draw.

Software-wise, I’d choose Blender, DaVinci or Lightroom – that’s the best we can get to suit our needs.

Visit AxelLauer’s MotionElements Artist page