With over 10 years in the motion media industry, the team behind Boscorelli is no stranger to the nits and picks behind the scenes.
Located in Hungary, they have a fast growing number of stock in their portfolio with an ever-expanding range of work to choose from.

0615-boscorelli_375x400What are you working on now?

Currently editing nature winter scenes shot in 4K and making a new and complex 3D model scene for both video games and visualisation projects.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

Keywording, of course. (Just joking) I make animation, footage, time-lapse and 3D models. All of them has its bright side.

Animation and 3D Models : I love to see how an idea can become a complex animation or model and like the flexibility that a 2D/3D software can give to the artist and make a final product.

Footage and Timelapse : I really like to find the scene where the shot can look good and how it can look good.I like outdoor shooting the most.

But the thing which I like the most is the freedom of thinking and creating new contents that people might like to see in their films and projects.

What tickles your creative bone? Who/What is your biggest muse?

Long walks can clean up my mind and makes spaces for new ideas.No real muse I have although nice looking natural 3D fantasy, fairy tale and supernatural scenes can inspire me such well done films.

When and How did you start of selling stock?

I started it in late 2009. I worked as an editor at that time and many times I felt the need of having a decent shot for scenes and it was always a problem to get one when needed. Then I thought there must be something on the internet that deals with it and found it.Then I decided to try making stock footage as I thought I probably wasn’t the only one in need of clips for projects.

Do you have a favourite piece you made? If so, what is it and why is it your favourite?

It took a relatively long time to make and I learnt a lot while I was creating this scene.This whole project is fully 3D and the hardest part was to find the optimal render time and keep the quality high.For the first attempt it was extremely long.(appr.47-50 hours render for a 7 second 1080 | 3D animation)

Then I watched many tutorials and learnt more about how to optimize your render and about 2 weeks later the render time went down to like 12-14 hours and the final quality was better than the first try.Not beside these clips are my most popular content that proves that I managed to make this project well done and customers really like quality.

How would you describe the work that you do?

I always make content what I like to do and pay attention what I do has to be good quality and something that customers will both like and need.I believe that you can create good things only if you like what you do otherwise it just might fade out your creativity and motivation then quality will suffer which I would never want.

Also, I keep learning and willing to learn as I think it’s the only way to become better and be more successful in making stock media.

Visit boscorelli’s MotionElements Artist page for more of his works.

You can also find out more about Boscorelli Art at www.boscorelli.net.

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