SCHMaster hails from Kyiv, Ukraine, where he goes by the name Sergiy Chernykh. Looking at his portfolio on MotionElements, filled with stock animation and motion graphics, it might come as a surprise that Sergiy’s education actually stems from disciplines in Engineering and Music.

PROFILE_400x375Sergiy started out his career teaching drums and wind instruments for 15 years in a music school. Video and motion graphics only came to him as a hobby which grew, quite unexpectedly, over the years to a profit-making endeavour.

Before he knew it, his portfolio and works in motion graphics became Sergiy’s main source of income. Why then did he make the move to stock animation and video? Well, we talked to the man himself to find out more.

MotionElements: Congratulations on being one of our Featured Artists this month, Sergiy! Can you please tell us more about what you’ve been up to?

Sergiy Chernykh: Well, I currently a Motion Designer in one of the main television channels in Ukraine, so I’m working on various projects there.

ME: We do see Artists holding a full-time job while posting their works on MotionElements as well, but why did you decide to do so?

SC: I started selling stock 5-6 years ago and I started to do so because it’s an extra source of income, primarily. In my country, even working at the top TV channels don’t have very high wages. The salary is hardly enough to cover rental in the capital. Selling stock animation and motion graphics bring a good stream of income for my family.

But of course, it also gives me the reason to shoot and design something I like, and not what a client wants.

ME: You display a wide range of skills in your works on MotionElements, what repertoire of skills do you actually hold?

SC: I shoot and do video design, motion design, 3D design and post-production.

ME: So is that the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

SC: I just like creating something out of nothing.

ME: And what tickles your creative bone? Who or what is your biggest muse?

SC: Do you want the truth or “beautiful answer”? The truth is that, a lot of times, this is work, not art. Hard work. If I do a good job, what follows is the reward, where I get paid. If my work is not up to par, I don’t get paid. For me, it’s hard to call is a ‘muse’. Rather, it is Motivation.

ME: Do you have a favourite creation on MotionElements then?

SC: Yes, I do. It’s called Glowing Blocks. (Link below) Why? Well, you’ll have to see it yourself and then you know.

MotionElements Stock Footage

ME: Right now, if you were given a chance to work on 1 dream project, which software would you use to produce it?

SC: After Effects, definitely. This is due to the fact that AE is one of the most versatile software package for video post-production and/or compositing. There are, of course, more powerful tools – Nuke, Fusion, Kombustion, etc. But this is a more sophisticated tools for the job.

There are situations that just need to use something more serious (I personally use Fusion). But even that usually lacks the capacity of AE.

ME: Any advice for aspiring artists?

SC: Have patience, diligence, and then everything will turn out. Not immediately, but it definitely will.

ME: Thank you, Sergiy, for your time and for sharing with our other users your experience.

SC: I wish the best of luck in the development Motionelements. I’ve work with MotionElements from the outset and I like the way the company is developing. MotionElements, good luck in your business!

You can view more of SCHMaster’s works on his MotionElements Artist Page.