Alexey Komarenko, the brains behind this month’s featured artist spc01, tells us that there is nothing special behind his genius – except passion.
It was by chance Alexey got into this industry, when he stumbled onto our stock site in 2008 and discovered that there was a market for his work. With his background as a video designer, it was easy for Alexey to dive right into producing animated videos and stock footages.
We catch up with the artist to see what gets his mind grooving.

MotionElements: Where are your base of operations?

Alexey Komarenko: I travel a lot, but I’m living in Belarus now.

ME: What are you working on now?

AK: Nothing much; I’m currently doing what I always do, which is more animated videos and stock footage.

ME: What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

AK: The realisation that I got a great shot about halfway through a filming. And what I do is like dreaming – I can do anything I think of. ????

ME: What tickles your creative bone? Who/What is your biggest muse?

AK: Inspiration always hits me differently; there is no universal solution or one thing in which I see the potential to create my works from.

ME: Do you have a favourite piece you made? If so, what is it and why is it your favourite?

AK: Almost all of them are my favorites! ????

But one stands out – Remember night forest. It was my 100th and I wanted to make it special.

ME: If you have a once in a lifetime project, and you could only grab one piece of equipment to bring with you, which equipment would you bring and why?

AK: Bmpcc, I think. I just like the size, price and output quality. For a software, I’ll choose After Effects – my essential work instrument.

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