zygistudio is known for producing a unique and fascinating portfolio of nature-themed timelapses.

The patience and expertise in the specialized theme of plants and nature is evident from many of the videos which zygistudio creates. Thus, he was chosen as one of MotionElements Featured Artists this month.

MotionElements: Tell us more about yourself and your company.

Zygi: We started a small partnership company about 6 years ago in Vantaa, Finland, and I run it as the CEO.

ME: What are you working on now?

Z: I’m working on a time-lapse of a very-slow rotating (1 rotation per 1-4 weeks), growing and opening of flowers and plants

ME: What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?

Z: To watch the features of Nature which could be seen only in long-term time-lapse video

ME: What tickles your creative bone? Who/What is your biggest muse?

Z: It is the investigation and discovery of unknown features and the wonders of Nature.

ME: When did you start of selling stock?

Z: I started some 6 years ago. First with macro photography, then moving on to macro videography. Next I was working on infrared, stereoscopic 3D, and time-lapses.

ME: Do you have a favourite piece you made?

Z: It is a tough question. I have many! But maybe I can say that ‘Time-lapse Of Growing Soybeans At Sunrise’ (Element ID= 6385862) is my favourite.

MotionElements Stock Footage

ME: If you have a once in a lifetime shoot and you could only grab one piece of equipment to bring with you, which equipment would you bring and why?

Z: The Panasonic GH4 camera, because of excellent quality, very reliable, multitude of features, 4K recording, time-lapse recording.

ME: How would you describe the work that you do?

Z: My work requires clear understanding in many fields – photography, videography, NLE editing, computer hardware and software, programming, growing plants etc. It never bores me.

Visit zygistudio’s MotionElements Artist’s page.