The 2018 social media trend report: GIF. It’s not slowing down.

Google acquires GIF platform, Instagram incorporates GIF to Instagram stories and ads, and business like Honda uses GIF for marketing campaign.

Now we may wonder: how do we pick the best GIF for social media?

GIF for work

While GIF can serve to be casual, funny messages to friends, finding GIF for commercial use (without infringement of any kind) often requires more effort.

Of course, there’s always Royalty-Free GIF for work to get started.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to select the best GIF for social media:

Tip 1: GIF conveys the best marketing feature

GIF catches attention quickly, but when being used for marketing campaign, your product value should shine in the GIF. Use the GIF which makes you stand out and conveys selling point or the best feature of your product.

Tip 2. Pick eye-catching GIF

Select a visually appealing GIF that may attract more attention. It helps increase engagement with your target audience to better promote your brand or product.

Tip 3. Find GIF with emotions

GIF with emotions trigger social media interaction, including instant shares and reaction. It allows people to sympathize with the message and tend to help spread the word by sharing the GIF on their own social media.

When you present GIF with emotions right, it’s like hitting the jackpot for marketing.

Use GIF on your social media

Social media is based on digital communication amongst people. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media channels now support GIFs.

No matter who you are or what message you try to raise for exposure, using GIF is a good idea to increase the strength of communication.

Make your first step on free GIF for better social media performance.