It has been predicted that 84% of the communication will be through visuals in 2018. So in 2017, Digital Media is all about visual communication. Here’s a peak into the trend and how you can pick the best gifs for your business.

GIFs for work

While most of the gifs serve to be a casual, funny message to friends, finding gifs for work potentially requires more effort to accurately describe your brand to get the right messages across.

Using gifs in your digital marketing campaigns helps increase the strength of communication. It brings across the personality of a brand using demonstrations, emotions or feelings conveyed via gifs to the audience.

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How to select the best gifs for my digital media?

1. Make sure it conveys the best feature of your product or service

Gifs catch attention quickly, but when you want to use them to promote, the product value suggested in the gifs is important. Use gifs to differentiate and to convey selling point or best feature of your product.

2. Pick eye-catching gifs

This is another factor that directly increases engagement with your target audience. Select a visually appealing gif to promote your brand or product.

3. Get more social media shares by adding emotions to the gifs

Gifs with emotions allow people to easily get the conveyed feeling right away and even better, help spread the word on their own media.

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After considering all these features about your gif, you’re ready to use them in your digital media.

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