Dear marketing friends:
‘GIF is powerful for business on Facebook.’

GIF for better Facebook Advertising

We have been in a steady commercial relationship with Facebook, the largest, free social media that is an important platform for brands to acquire more exposure.

Except for your Facebook business page, your can further use GIF in Facebook Ads for commercial success.

Some successful stories include:
– American Apparel starts showcasing their products with GIF instead of still images.
– Dell lifts its conversion rate by 103% and revenue by 109% via GIF centric campaign.

What GIF to put on Facebook?Start this way.

Top 3 Reasons for using GIF on Facebook

On social media, GIF make ads click-worthy.
Here’s our top 3 reasons why you should use GIF on Facebook for marketing:

1. Appealing visual catches attention

When browsing through Facebook, great GIF may leave audiences stronger impression with its loop feature. That is, your audience may take a good second look at GIF ads.

2. Audience interaction for great marketing

Using GIF on Facebook is good for storytelling. It also encourages interaction.

GIF conveys a marketing message effectively, so the audience is more likely to express their thoughts by sharing and liking the post. Use GIF as a teaser of your ads. Elaborate on the selling points in the text to complete a strong marketing post.

3. Mobile-friendly for quick purchase decision

Content on mobile is king, as people now grow to use, view and buy on their mobile more. Commercial GIF can come in handy to fit this consumer behavior.

GIF can be processed easily with its size smaller than videos. It’s easier to upload and view GIF, making ads with GIF mobile-friendly.

GIF for successful commercial use

To sum up, GIF catches Facebook audience’s attention and potentially more engagement is triggered for marketing.

As MotionElements is the largest GIF website for commercial usage, our Free Stock GIFs can help you start browsing and decide what GIFs are perfect for your marketing strategy.

Let’s spice up your Facebook marketing.
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