Gifs (Graphics Interchange Format) are powerful tools.

Many brands, including American Apparel and ShoeDazzle, showcase their products with GIF images. Dell lifts its conversion rate by 103% and revenue 109% via GIF-centric campaign.

On social media, images generate far more engagement than text content. Putting a gif in the post makes it more click-worthy.

Twitter and Tumblr have been gif-friendly platforms for some time. Facebook recently announced that they allow animated gifs in ads too.

To make amazing promotional posts, you can start with browsing the powerful gifs in our newly launched image & gif library.


Here are the top 5 Reasons You should be Using Gifs in Facebook Ads:

1. Appealing visual

In Facebook ads, gifs are stronger than images with its loop feature.

2. Story telling

Using gifs is a good way of telling stories, which is aligned with the means of good communication in ads. The looping feature of gifs also make them effective in conveying the brand’s messages.

3. Mobile-friendly

With a smaller size than videos, gifs can be processed easily. It’s easier to upload and view gifs, making ads with gifs mobile-friendly.

4. Hooking audience

Gifs give audience a teaser of what the ad is about. Elaborate in the text what the selling points are and use gifs to strengthen them.

5. Easily accessible stock gifs

You can find gifs on many platforms including MotionElements Image & Animated Gif Library and

  • The largest gif website for personal or web usage – Giphy
  • The largest gif website for commercial usage – MotionElements

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