While static graphics are easy to scan and understand, motion graphics bring dynamism and give life into otherwise static content. This particular industry is growing, much like how the software it’s created with is becoming more accessible to everyone.

Everything from school projects, to TV commercials, to professional demo reels and portfolios, now contain great motion graphics. To help everyone out, we’ve listed some tips and rules that everyone should follow. These basics will be of great help whether you’re just jumping into the world of digital animation or are already trying to master your skills.

Always Follow Client Instructions

Even though this is more for freelancers and professionals, it’s still applicable to everyone.

Clients may not always be the easiest people to work with, but they’re the ones whose opinion matters. Clients often come to you with an idea and concept in mind, and it’s your job to give life to their idea in the best possible way.

While a little creative licence is allowed, it’s still best to know and follow what the client wants. This ensures revisions will not be needed and that you finish the project in a timely manner. It’s important to note, too, that while you need to follow their instructions, you are allowed to have creative input, especially when what they want doesn’t translate well in terms of motion graphics.

Have a Game Plan

Before firing up your After Effects, CINEMA 4D, Final Cut, or any other application, you have to have a game plan. This can be anything from a few notes from your brainstorming session with the client, a few sketches, or even a rough draft on a piece of tissue paper.

Creating any motion graphics project is a lot of work, and having a game plan will help keep you on track and make the whole project easier.

Don’t be Afraid to get Creative

Motion graphics and other digital animation pieces are all about letting your creative juices flow. As long as the client approves it, and/or it makes the work better, go ahead and include images and other elements to the project. Mastery of using animations, stock video clips, After Effects templates and the like should be part of your repertoire.

These and other tips are very valuable tools for everyone who is in the field of motion graphics.

If you’re ever in need of animations, stock video clips, templates and other similar elements to improve your craft, get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to provide you with digital elements that can inspire you and your work.

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