Whether you’re creating a corporate video to impress potential clients, promote a new service, or give employees a little extra motivation, you want your production to sound as good as it looks. A combination of commissioned filmed footage, stock video footage with nicely edited sound and well-chosen bgm music will impress viewers and give your firm a professional edge. Here are some tips to help you create corporate videos that have outstanding visuals and audio.

Good Sound Begins With Recording

The cleaner your audio is, the less time you’ll have to spend editing it. Research which sound-recording devices/tools and settings will best serve your project. Will you need a boom mic, or do you not mind if the people in your video wear clip-on microphones? A good sound recorder, one that has different settings for overdub, mono and stereo recording, and dual recording, is also essential.

If you don’t have time before your project to familiarize yourself with the different types of recording equipment, just make sure you have good-quality microphones and there isn’t a ton of background noise to interfere at the recording area.

Include Transitions and Adjust the Volume

When you’re editing your video, you’ll probably cut it into short tracks so you can edit each piece on its own. You’ll also edit the audio separately in separate tracks, but if you don’t include audio transitions between the clips, the audio could end up feeling raw and unfinished. Video Editor recommends that you leave an extra 15 frames or so at the end of each clip to allow room for transitions, which can be as simple as a quick fade out.

Ambient factors or the positioning of the microphone may mean that the volume between different audio tracks isn’t consistent. Close your eyes and listen to the audio track all the way through, and pause it and adjust the volume when you notice unintentional or extreme variations in volume — or simply expand the track to look at the audio waveform in detail.

Add Music to Disguise What You Can’t Fix

If you are in a time crunch, you may not be able to eliminate every undesirable detail in your audio. Turn to a royalty free music library for tracks you can use as business bgm music. Not only will this stock music cover noises that interfere with your corporate video, it will also add an emotional, creative touch to your final product.

Insert Sound Effects for a Professional Finish

Your audio might sound good after you insert music and cut out as much background noise as possible, but you can go further. Consider adding effects such as reverberation. Reverberation creates space; it can make it sound like the meeting room in your video is a lot bigger or smaller than it is.

You may also want to employ compression in some parts of your project, meaning “the process of lessening the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an audio signal.” It can give your audio a more unified feeling.

Every corporate video you create represents your company, so you will want each project to reach its full potential. A little simple sound editing will enhance your presentations and show your audience that you are professional and dedicated to quality.