As MotionElements always stands by our artists like yourself, we have been striving hard to improve the benefits for our Heroes.
We are excited to share with you 2 new updates in our Hero Program:

1. Being our SuperHero or UltraHero allows your Elements to be featured on the promotional banners on our home page! These elements will be displayed at random and price of each element will be listed in the carousel for buyer’s easy reference.

How to set the artist promotions on the main page banner?

2. We’ve added a corner ribbon on our Hero’s profile image on your product page. This identification will allow buyers to differentiate you from other artists. Ribbons representing our Heroes, SuperHeroes and UltraHeroes are all unique and custom designed.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 7.06.22 pm

Let’s sell more together – be our Hero!

Learn more about our Hero Program