The Essential Graphics panel in After Effects and Premiere Pro is perfect and easily customizable for video editors. With Motion Graphics templates, you can create effects and motion with ease!

Why should I use Motion Graphics templates?

With Adobe’s Essential Graphics Panel, you can create snazzier videos a lot faster since you will have access to effects already pre-designed by experienced artists. These templates aim to fulfill your need of basic motions in videos ranging from lower thirds, logo animation, slideshow, intro, transitions and etc. Highly recommended and useful for video editors!

How do I use Motion Graphics templates in Adobe Essential Graphics panel?

Start using the Essential Graphics by browsing it in Premiere Pro and After Effects or creating and saving your own Motion Graphics templates. When you choose a template, you can customize it in the Essential Graphics panel. You can create your own titles and decide on the fonts, colors, positions etc.

What Adobe software do I need to create videos with Motion Graphics templates?

You can navigate the Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro. To change parameters, you must have either the trial version or licensed After Effects installed. But rest assure that your Motion Graphics templates will continue to work even after the trial After Effects version has expired.

What kind of motion effects can I create with Motion Graphics templates?

Motion Graphics templates are best to be used for:

  • Text animation presets

text title

  • Lower-thirds with embedded graphics

lower thirds

  • Title cards with embedded graphics


  • Icon animations

icon animation

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