MotionElements and Payoneer recently partnered to provide MotionElements artists with a new payment method. Both companies are excited about the potential this partnership offers, both for their own B2B relationship, and in terms of what the collaboration means for artists contributing to MotionElements.

Payoneer recently featured MotionElements on its blog, showcasing their new client and highlighting what makes MotionElements so unique.

Payoneer represents a new way for the artists of MotionElements to be paid for their creative efforts. With the tagline, “Innovative Payment Solutions for a Borderless World,” building a partnership with Payoneer was a no-brainer. Artist payouts can be received in a variety of ways, including withdrawals to their bank accounts or via prepaid MasterCard.

MotionElements is always seeking new ways to empower its artists. First, by providing them with a marketplace that finally gives them a platform that provides the exposure that their talent and dedication so richly deserves. Second, by providing them with options and choices to streamline their contribution experience. Thirdly, MotionElements fully supports artists’ efforts to promote themselves as individual creators. Finally, it continually searches out innovative ways to match content seekers with content providers.

By incorporating Payoneer payouts, MotionElements is demonstrating its continuing dedication to the artists that make the service possible. The company believes building a strong relationship with contributors is a key element in building an equally strong relationship with consumers, and with that in mind, is always seeking new ways to accommodate both. By giving artists more payment options, like Payoneer, MotionElements hopes to encourage them to continue to contribute the incredible content for which they’ve already become so well known.

Artists interested in changing their payment method to Payoneer (or another one of MotionElements’ payment options) can visit this link for detailed instructions on how to do so. Artists should keep in mind that the T&Cs of each payment partner may vary, and can even vary from region to region, regardless of MontionElements’ own policies.