MotionElements, the largest royalty-free marketplace in Asia for worldwide stock video and music content has today announced its newest site feature, the ability to download hi-res sample clips for both stock video and audio, allowing its users to better preview the clips and see more realistically how their final edit could look.

The latest feature has been introduced by MotionElements to improve its user experience. Previously, MotionElements allowed its users to download watermarked, small sized and low-res sample audio or video clips to be used in their initial edits.

However, MotionElements (which was started by motion creators), quickly picked up on a common issue experienced by its users. The company found that by only allowing its users to download low-res clips, editors were unable to create the edit they wanted and in turn were unable to wow their clients as they would often have difficulty making out the low-res clips.

The issues generated from using low quality samples are longstanding and have been widely and begrudgingly accepted by many editors and production houses in the industry.

Joanne Chua, Co-Founder of MotionElements said: “Being motion creators ourselves, we understand how difficult it is when issues arise in production due to having to present to a client a low-quality sample. As visual and audio production moves into higher standards and quality, we as content distributors must match up with the demands of the market.”

Mark Sun, Co-Founder of MotionElements, concludes: “There have been constant requests to provide a high quality sample as clients simply cannot make an informed decision based off something they can neither see nor hear properly. The solution was simple, so we decided to do something about it.”