Koreans are some of the hungriest consumers of online video content, and we hope to help video artists and creators in this vibrant market deliver content more efficiently, and frequently.

With our marketplace elements nearing 1 million strong, we’re confident that creators in Korea will find whatever they need to create fantastic videos.

“MotionElements visual search and audio search tools are easy to use, and extremely helpful for people who need to quickly find the right video clips and background music while creating viral videos. I have no doubt that MotionElements will become a vital source for busy, hard-working content creators in Korea,” said Soonhyun Kang, a producer at EsteemTV – Korea’s top model agency and as well as a media management company.

To encourage talented artists in Korea to join our community, MotionElements will be offering three months’ worth of our Keywording service for the first 100 new contributors who register on our Korean page. This will also allow us to quickly build up new content from Korea with searchable keywords and tags.

We are also focused on expanding our reach into the creator community in the region, through partnerships with Korean media platforms such as Shakr and TongRo.

Stay tuned for our next big piece of news!