Theboon produces wedding videos commercially for newlyweds in Japan. Having made more than 10 years of experience for multitudes of clients, he’s grown to understand the tastes and preferences of his customers in Japan. Beyond professionally filming and editing wedding videos in his day job, Theboon has recently decided to start selling his own uniquely Japanese-styled AE templates on MotionElements – and he’s already seeing some positive results!

You can do it too

Whether or not you are a professional videographer, editor, motion graphics creative professional, you can also learn from our newly joined Japanese artist Theboon by uploading your unique localised content (in this case Japanese-styled) for targeted or specific customers (in this instance newlywed Japanese couples) – to ensure you get the best results and sales.

Know Your Customer = Better chances of Success


  1. Theboon tapped on his decade-old experience making wedding videos by selling templates that are detailed, elegant and vintage-styled that evoke emotions and memories.
  2. Quality counts! Theboon started off with just 1 template for sale!
  3. Make usable templates – His AE templates also provides for several placeholders to put in videos, photos and text.
  4. Localise for your audience – TheBoon’s sample videos and images are all of Japanese couples and Japanese text.
  5. Customisable – His AE templates offer full-length videos so that it’s easy for buyers to customize on their own.

TheBoon’s sales in the first two months – 8 times growth!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.13.44 AM

An example of his AE templates:

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Theboon has seen successful with just one template, imagine if you have 10,…or 30 unique templates!

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