Looking for a guide to create the best promo banner on MotionElements? Look no further. Here’s the guide for Hero Artists like you!

Being our Hero allows your Elements to be featured on the promotional banners on our home page.

motionelements hero promo banner

But how can you create promotions that generate the most clicks and eventually sales? Check out the tips below!

Suggested categories to create collections with

Popular collections for video editing applications include the following categories. It is advised to curate collections with these elements to bring in more clicks and purchases.

  • Transition & wipes AE / Motion templates


  • Lower-thirds AE / Motion templates


  • Light flares, dirt, smoke effects stock videos


  • Abstract video backgrounds stock videos


  • Film burn stock videos


  • Slideshows AE / Motion templates


  • Logo reveal AE / Motion templates


  • Corporate music



Suggested price of collections

According to our sales data, collections which are priced between $15 to $50 USD have generated the most transactions regardless of the numbers of elements in it.


About our Hero Program:

MotionElements Hero Program

What’s a Hero, SuperHero or UltraHero? And why should I become one?


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