Now, it’s even easier to Tweet your favourite Elements! With Twitter’s new Player Card, showcasing your work directly to your Twitter followers is now possible.

Simply copy and paste the Element’s URL onto your Twitter box, and post away!

So… What’s changed?

Previously, when you posted a link of an Element, it would take the user away from their TweetFeed to a browser to view the video or hear the track.

But let’s face it, when we are on Twitter, we don’t want to have to leave Twitter to get the news!

So now, with MotionElements’ new Player Card, when you post the URL of the Element page, the Element is showcased as an instantly playable video or music track, which allows you to stream the Element directly on the TwitterFeed!


Showcase your works with Twitter and sell more

As ME Artists, it is now infinitely more effective to use Twitter to tell the world about your work. It is true that most people are attracted by visuals, and that a moving video or pretty picture would more likely capture your followers’ attention.

Element details (such as element description, price) are also displayed on the card, making it easier for your followers to go to your page to purchase your Element once you have piqued their interest.


Music Artists: Personalized ME Twitter Player Card

If you’re a music artist with MotionElements, you can further personalize your Twitter Player Card to showcase yourself better.

When you post your Element onto your feed, brand yourself more effectively for your users by uploading your own background image. Make a great impression now!

Upload you background image at your ‘Manage Artist’ Page’.



Share your favourite Elements

See a great piece of work which set your own creative juices flowing? Share it on Twitter and let the world know!