Stock footage today are no longer restricted to what is being filmed. They can also be computer generated animation. Commonly known as stock animation, they can be found in web, multimedia and TV productions. They are increasingly popular as they substantially cut down the tedious process of animated productions.

One of the easiest ways to use animation footage is to juxtapose them to create new, exciting works of professional standard. Perhaps one of the most common examples will be the mixing of VJ loops in live performances, also known as VJing.

Check out this showreel of multimedia works created by Vello Virkaus of V Squared Labs Inc for various concert performances. His works can also be bought at

Experience Reel

Stock animation may also be simply used as starting points to be built upon in animation projects or added as video backgrounds to enhance other creative elements.

Here is an example from one of our ME viral videos: ME Heroes Survival Guide – Two Brainer’s Overload. The server overload effect at time code 00:37 in the video is created using a motion graphic layer titled “Dance Floor” from MotionElements.