Your corporate video production will represent your company and should have the power to inspire action. You’ve carefully selected your shots, script, and visuals — but what about the music? Music can be what transforms your video from ordinary to alluring. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect tracks for your corporate video project.

Define an Emotional Target

Ask yourself how you want your audience to feel when they watch your video. Do you want to invoke a sense of urgency? Do you want to lift their mood? Do you want to make them feel the pain of a particular problem?

Different genres of music affect the listener in different ways. Take the time to learn some helpful guidelines about how music interacts with mood.

Use Examples for Inspiration

If you’re new on the video production scene, or you just need some inspiration, turn to examples of professionally made corporate videos and pay attention to how they utilize music. Some have inspirational bgm music in the background, while others turn up the volume at certain points to serve as a transition. Also, note things like instrumentation and pace and how these are working in the videos.

YouTube is a treasure trove of corporate videos, and this short list of videos from Video My Business is a good source of guidance.

Turn to a Library to Find Your Tracks

Once you have a firm idea in mind about what type of music you want, it is time to start searching for the right track. Turn to an affordable solution, such as a stock music library, that has tunes to match every mood and project.

A royalty free music library has hundreds of tracks you can preview before making that purchase — that might be just what you need for your business background music.

Experiment With Pace

The tempo of your stock music will affect how viewers respond to your video. Fast music conveys a sense of urgency, while slow music may evoke sadness or encourage relaxation.

If you find a track you like, but think that the pace isn’t quite right, use a free tool like MP3 Speed to adjust it. Not all tracks will still sound good when you play with the tempo, so you might have to choose a different piece after you experiment.

Test and Tweak

Insert your music into your video and judge how the audio and visual elements work together. If you find that the track you chose overpowers the dialogue, you can turn the music down, but the frequencies of the sounds may still interfere with each other.

This guide from Vashi Visuals teaches you how to tweak your audio elements, so they mix flawlessly. If you don’t like the background music after you mix it with the dialogue, you may need to hunt for a different piece of library music.

Choosing the perfect music for your corporate video production can take your project to the next level. Define your emotional target, reference good examples, find a track you like, and then tweak it to mesh with the other elements in the video. Following these tips will get you a beautifully finished project in no time!