Marketing industry has gradually entered a new phase of mobile marketing and app marketing, where new strategies of Short, Vertical and Interactive videos have become the trend that advertisement producers and designers need to be aware.

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1. Short Attention Span Yield Shorter Video Duration

As mobile devices are fast becoming integral to one’s lives, more and more industries are adopting this trend and transforming their products to cater to these changes, including the marketing and advertising industry. Although mobile usage has increased and a person’s total time spend on watching video content has skyrocketed, his/her attention span has dramatically decreased. Instead of watching the entire video episode, audience are preferring short video snippets, especially for advertisements. According to Cheetah Mobile’s Mr. Chen, the optimal duration for advertising video clips is only 10 seconds. In order to spike audiences interests, the first 10 seconds of the video is critical, and the content must go straight to the point and be eye catching for them to stay longer to finish watching the remaining content. This change in audience behaviour presents the shift in video marketing content creation towards content with shorter duration.

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2. Maximizing Screen Layout with Vertically Oriented Display

Another shift brought along with the mobilization is the vertically oriented display. Have you noticed advertisements/flyers printed and displayed vertically have gradually increased? Different from traditional horizontally oriented displays that fit the dimension of the television, advertisers have quietly reversed them vertically to adjust to cellphone screens and electronic billboards. When displayed horizontally on mobile devices, it only takes up roughly 50% of the screen. However, when the image is vertically oriented, it could maximised the layout of the screen. Therefore, instead of reversing and resizing the footages and images to compensate the new files demand, photographers began shooting their footages and images vertically to target these audience’s needs. What this translates to for our artists would be – greater demand from buyers for vertically oriented royalty free stock footages and images.

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3. Engage with Your Audience with Interactive Video Clips

Havas Media Taiwan’s Mr. Chen shared his thoughts on the third largest trend, which is to fully utilise the maximum attraction from audiences’ short attention span. This could be achieved by selecting / curating or creating video clips with greater propensity to be able to interact with its audience. When the video clip is portrayed from first person point-of-view, audiences can feel more engaged in the video, and they are less likely to feel bored and skip the remaining content. These interactive videos will become more memorable to audiences who watch numerous videos on a daily basis. Instead of making videos that resemble obvious paid advertisements, let your audience treat your video as an add-on entertainment they watch in between other non-commercial videos; meanwhile, the ability to promote and interact with the audience with your brand without them even noticing is the best way to ride the trend of mobilization!

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Keep in mind the three keys that make your video successful in today’s mobilized world: Short, Vertical and Interactive!

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