This time we interviewed Japanese Artist TsuneoMP. He is based in Chiba prefecture and making CG animations and still photos. He is a famous creator in this field in Japan and you may know his works.

TsuneoMP-profileME: Will you give us brief career background?
TsuneoMP: I graduated from Industrial High School of Koishikawa ,Tokyo 1988 and have established Supply Service Inc. in 2005. Below are a list of his achievements

  • 2010 – Starts a photo stock website named Tsuneo MP and starts selling CG animation and images
  • 2009 – Tsuneo TV (cat videos) becomes famous on YouTube and videos are presented on TV
  • 2007 – Produced videos for commercial contests (live action, CG)
  • 2005 – Produced 3 Indies movies (editing, music, CG animation…etc)
  • 2005 – Established Supply Service Inc.
  • 2011 – Watch Me! Cats on Television Video Contest 4-First Prize
  • 2010 – Ryugasaki, Ibaraki Prefecture Second  Commercial Contest-Grand Prize
  • 2007 – Excite Baseball Filmo CM Contest-Gold prize
  • 2007 – CM Kingdom Tsutaya CM Contest –First Prize
  • 2007 – Watch Me! Cats on Television Video Contest-First Prize
Videos  on TV
  • 2012 – 2013 – Yodobashi Camera TV commercial (planes, Santa Claus CG video)
  • 2012 – Yodobashi Camera TV commercial (Football player CG video)
  • 2012/05/20 – TV Tokyo Drama series-«Mazeran no Tamashii » (Ship-CG video)
  • 2010 – 2011 – Housing TV Commercial (CG video)
  • 2010/02/14 –  Wowow Drama series « Sonotokimade Sayonara » (Live action background video)
  • 2008/10/10 – Tokyo 12th Channel, Drama series 24 »Men (star) Dol » (CG background video)
  • 2008/04/02 – Fuji Television TV Program « Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari » Flashback video (background)
ME: What’s the most enjoyable thing about what you do?
TsuneoMP:  To be honest, it’s tough to create videos because it’s hard to think up great ideas and the rendering time is long for creating CG videos hence I am happy when someone purchased my videos. In a way, i am helping them.
ME: Is there something you pay particular attention to upon creating contents?
TsuneoMP: I try to keep it as simple as possible and try to create things in different categories.
ME: How do you set the price on your contents?
TsuneoMP: I set the price a little lower than what i am selling with other companies.
ME: Did you experience some kind of benefit upon using MotionElements ?
TsuneoMP: Payment on MotionElements is hassle free and i have been experiencing regular sales from them
ME: What do you think about MotionElements? Give us your unbiased opinion.
TsuneoMP: There are 4 things that i feel MotionElements can improve on.
1. Inputting is easy enough but, sometimes the limitation of of only allowing 3 Categories to each stock content is limiting. It will be great if we can assign more Categories to them.
2. An automation function that automatically converts the files to other sizes like HD, SD etc upon upload will offer a variety for the customers
3. How about considering selling still images as one of your media type?
4. It would be better if the site could show some samples of different artists’ newest works on the top page.
ME: If you don’t mind, tell us about your future dreams
TsuneoMP: My dream is that i can earn a living entirely selling stock content.
You can view his collection of works at his Artist’s portfolio page on MotionElements.


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