You’ve probably seen it in some weddings: the documentation of what happened a few hours ago, shown right at the reception in one charming video clip. Same-day edits truly work wonders, as you get to wow the newlyweds and their guests.

But, for many videographers, SDEs are a challenge not everyone can take on. Or are they? There are tricks you can learn to master this craft. Once you get the hang of these practices and turn them into a habit, you could cover an event and make one amazing video out of it on the same day.

Organize from the start

Make it a habit to organize all your things prior to the occasion. Apart from preparing an extra set of batteries for your devices, you should check the labels of your video clips. Sort them into folders for easier access once you start editing. Brief your fellow shooters and editors about the game plan and stay organized throughout the occasion.

Estimate your time

Always calculate your time, watch the minutes tick by if you have to. Everything about an SDE rests on how well you divide your time sorting through clips, sewing them together, and rendering them when you’re done. Consider the program’s overall length, travel time, and editing time before you open your clips.

Give yourself enough time to skim through your shots and choose the ones that can make a good video. Know that you don’t have to show the whole occasion in your SDE – just the highlights. As an editor, you should know what to cut out and what to focus on in your clip.

Ready your props

A night before the event, prepare everything in your bag. Your cameras should be in good condition, your hard drives should have available space, and your batteries should be fully-charged. Don’t forget to add essential files such as stock footage, sound beds, and templates in your laptop.

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