VisualSearch is a technology that utilizes visual cues as search criteria instead of using keywords to find relevant results. MotionElements has recently introduced this technology to its search functionality.

A good example of VisualSearch technology in action is Google Image Search.

With Google Image Search, you can search for images on the web using an existing image that you already have or another image on the web that you would want to find.

Google’s take makes it easier for people trying to find a particular image over the web and leverages their powerful search engine.

Due to its relative usefulness to the basic search, there are plenty of applications online that are a natural fit for Visual Search. Case in point, intellectual property holders and sites that help to enforce them make use of Visual Search technology to track down duplicate images.

Others have found use for the technology to streamline their online stores and help customers find similar products based on imagery alone. Taking this concept further, some online marketplaces for stock images have taken the technology to improve the experience and quality of searching for their content.

There however, exists a gap, that needs to be filled in one of the most consumed media types online – Video.

On our next post on our VisualSearch Blog Post Series, we highlight the Problems Solved by Visual Search for Video Libraries

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