Über mich

I´m 3D Artist/Character Animator and hobby photo-/cinematographer for almost 27 years.
As a photo- /videographer, I mostly capture the beauty of nature and landscapes, but I´m open for all and everything. 

All shots are filmed with the following cameras:
Panasonic Lumix GH5 and GH4, Panasonic GX8, Canon EOS 7D as well as a DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Also check, whether there´s an unmodified version of a desired clip without recompression and straight out of the camera(s).
(Non-Aerial) Clips newer than 2016 are mostly filmed in 4:2:2, 10 Bit

Some of my clips are filmed in "flat", "superflat" or "Cinema Dynamic" mode, to give you the most dynamic range for color grading and compositing.

What I also can offer:

- uncompressed version of nearly any clip
- 5K image sequences of my timelapses
- every clip with a higher datarate
- dozens of clips, which aren´t online yet

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