STRoeHM - Timeless, intuitive, sensual

STRoeHM combine experimental music (avant-garde) with free improvisation and create imaginative sound structures. Novel sounds, rhythmically under laid, expressive, dynamic, then again impulsive with romantic elements are the musical result in the common interplay.

Based in the Swabian Alb in Germany, they have been playing and improvising in various formations for 10 years now. With several keyboards they conjure up all imaginable moods. Again and again they surprise the listener with newly emerging rhythmic, tonal as well as atonal motifs.

The musical style can only be roughly classified in the direction of experimental ambient drone and sound similarities of German experimental Krautrock (Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Can etc.) as well as electronic music of the 1970/80s.

STRoeHM lets himself be touched by the transience of time in his music. If the music seems to be an activity just now, it does not count as a result later on.

Here the free and improvised playing is in the foreground. Out of the moment themes, motives and rhythms develop into unique pieces of music.
Only inspiration and mutual listening create this music and unique sound. Fantasy and melancholy, dream and transience come together in the moment of energy, playfulness and departure to new shores.

Under the motto - what arises - not what must necessarily fit - STRoeHM try not to make too many compromises, preferably no compromises at all with the music; and thus give a clear rejection to the generally common listening habits such as format radio or the like.

Their music, a cosmic mess, as it was once called, does not seem static, but is a constantly evolving, independently redefining process, moving away from existing conventions as well as musical concepts.

By the way, the name "STRoeHM" is also borrowed from Ichon Tichy: Space Pilot - The Star Diaries, in which a strange planet is just bombarded ("Stroem") by asteroids.


  • Steinberg Cubase Pro