Dollar Signs Transition 3D

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필수: 애프터 이펙트 CS5.5 이상

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  • 코드:  6203757
  • 필수 버전:  CS5.5 이상
  • 필수 플러그인:  없음 
  • 사용된 플러그인:  Video Copilot Element 3D, Element 3D Pro Shaders 
  • 길이 순:  2 초
  • 해상도:  1920 x 1080
  • 파일 크기:  585.2 MB

스틸 이미지

This template is a transition of golden dollar signs covering the entire screen and then revealing the next video. Original particle system is created using AE CS5.5 and Element 3D plugin + Pro Shaders. Using the source files you can change the dollar sign with anything else you want: euro, yen, question mark - any vector-based object.

3 versions are included that are slightly different about the particles look.

If you don't need to change the particles then you don't need any plugins, these layers also come pre-rendered!

And finally, if you don't need to change anything - simply use the footages which are ready-to-use as .mov (PNG) + alpha!