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Retirement notice video RAP ver

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This template is a Premiere Pro template for video submission of retirement notices to the company.


<< Retirement notice video RAP version >> 

The age of searching for samples, templates and how to make retirement notices online is over. Let's convey the intention of retirement in the future in the video.


* About the point that everyone edits 

(1) Face photo can be replaced with your face.


Basically, the video is finished just by changing the face part.You need to cut out your face photo with Photoshop etc. to face only. Around the face is an alpha channel, which is a state of transparency.It is also possible to create a free app for smartphones as it is recent.


(2) About reason for retirement


Editing is also necessary for the reason for retirement. One needs a reason for leaving your voice. You can record anything as you like with a smartphone. It is a voice that "we retire from the circumstances of the home" now. Please change it to yours. If the reason is hard to say, you can do without voice. The red circle for retirement reasons can be moved, so please move freely.


About the points that can be arranged by your choice 

(1) Editing music

The video BGM is made by myself. The voices of the vocals and the BGM are in separate files, so if you want to sing on a song or rap, record the vocals referring to the music instrumental version. Please give me a tension.Please give me a tension.


(2) About telop

Basically, you can change the whole title.


The above reason for retirement is an image, so you can edit text in Premiere.


(3) Last message


The last message has prepared 2 pattern backgrounds. Change according to the text content you want to change.

One is the type of black on white. This is a simple type.

The second is a luxurious version, which is designed to be mistaken for the menu of the cabaret for a moment. The degree of hate may be felt higher here.



Retirement notice video RAP ver - 1Retirement notice video RAP ver - 2Retirement notice video RAP ver - 3Retirement notice video RAP ver - 4Retirement notice video RAP ver - 5Retirement notice video RAP ver - 6




1920 x 1080


Required: Compatible with Premiere Pro CC 2019 & above More info