MotionElements is launching new referral program with some exciting new benefits! Those who already participate in our referral program don’t have to worry; their links will still be fully functional and their referral accounts will be automatically upgraded so that they can take full advantage of the new program. There are four major benefits to this new program.

high affiliate earnings

You’ll earn more

MotionElements offers an extraordinarily high pay out for those who successfully refer buyers: 30%. Furthermore, MotionElements tracks your referee ID in reference to a particular referral for 365 days, a full year, from the point your link is clicked on. It’s an exceptionally generous program, especially considering that most services track referral IDs for 30 days, at most.

large amount of stock content for referral

We’ve got tons to offer your referrals

MotionElements has over 950,000 assets, and we’re growing each and every day. It is easily one of the fastest growing stock video and footage marketplaces in Asia. And not only does MotionElements have a great deal to offer, it offers the highest quality of media available.

monthly affiliate payout

You’ll be paid monthly

We pay each and every month that a referred customer makes a purchase, as long as the payout reaches the $20.00 minimum limit. We’ve imposed this limit due to payout method policies—with third party fees and other issues, adhering to this limit is the best way to maximize your earnings.

affiliate tools

We’ll help you promote with style

We make promoting MotionElements and getting new referrals effortless with our new and updated banners. There are three colour schemes, seven sizes, and four languages, to suit your site and your target audience. We also have embedded video players that show off specific videos or collections chosen by you.

Getting started

To sign up as a MotionElements member, visit our sign in page here, and to read more about our referral program, please visit us here.