book and origami Wedding project

  • この素材は定額制プランでも取り扱っています。



  • コード:  11564381
  • 必要なバージョン:  CC 2015.3以上
  • 必要なプラグイン:  いいえ 
  • エクスプレッション:  はい
  • ファイルサイズ:  241.8 MB

The project is available in both Japanese and English. From the relation of expression,

please start according to the version of AE to be started up.


This template was created as the opening video of the entrance at the wedding. 

Suitable to put in life come ago the wedding ceremony the bride and groom and wedding preparation 

photos and videos. 3D dynamic moving camera work and fast-paced, lovely decorated picture 

should be finished. 


Photos are up to 25 

movie up to 8 files 

text insertion point is up 13 places 

total length 95 seconds. 

It can be used from cc 2015.


Try out!