Motion configurable lens flares 20 set



  • コード:  11954964
  • 必要なバージョン:  CS5.5以上
  • 必要なプラグイン:  いいえ 
  • エクスプレッション:  はい
  • 長さ:  02:00
  • 解像度:  3840x2160
  • ファイルサイズ:  506.6 MB

 Twenty templates can be used as they are. And so editable. But customize more. That is because "lens flare" is made of "shape layer".

 Since the animation is included as the initial setting lens flare effect, troublesome setting is not necessary.

 Even if you change the size such as 4K, HD, PAL, vertical monitor compatible video etc., the optimum layout can be maintained.

 Rainy days and vintage, fairy, dusty, LED Flare effect etc...

 A very unique and invented lens flare effect creates images emotionally.


 It is only to operation with one layer. 

 And it is completed in 3 easy steps.


  • Step 1: choose whatever you like from the effects displayed in the list form, and place the one footage in the composition.
  • Step 2: setting on the transform item (Position,Scale etc) to the layer name [ controller ].
  • Step 3: setting on the In and Out points of the layer name [ controller ].


 It is possible to set basic position and timing smoothly only by this.


- This is a project for "Adobe After Effects CS6 and upper" compatible.

    There is project file downgraded from "Adobe After Effects CS6" to "Adobe After Effects CS5.5".

    However, it has not been verified.


 - You can control the color adjustment etc. with one layer, and you can operate the effects at once.


 - No plug-in required.


 - This control the "shape layer" by "expressions".so you can customize it.

   You can also make stock on your lens flare.


 - Accessories are "dirt texture of the lens" "fog" and "light leak" with at set in.


 - Music is not included.


 - Resolution presets is UHD(3840x2160 60fps).

   Easily change. any aspect (1920x1080,1080x1920,3000x3000 etc) possible. 


Some photos or movie used in the preview with permission under Creative Commons CC0 licensing:

[ Sunset - 3712.mp4 ]