Stereoscopic 3D time-lapse of opening orange dahlia 1ahs...

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  • Code:  540325
  • Loopable:  No
  • Duration:  15 s
  • Aspect:  16:9
  • Alpha / Matte:  Yes

Time-lapse of opening orange dahlia flower stereoscopic 3D (full HD horizontally stretched cross-eye) in PNG+ format with alpha transparency channel, isolated on black background.

There are other related formats of this clip:

full HD (1920x1080) left eye clip is #519538,

full HD (3840x1080) cross-vision clip is #519539,

big web (1280x360) clip is #531022,

full HD (1920x1080) horizontally streched clip is #540325,

full HD (1920x1080) right eye clips is #519540.


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