GIFs are coming back to the game!

Put GIFs in your PowerPoint today to jazz up your presentation!

Although a good presentation should be simple and concise, a good visual helps audience to remember things easier. Adding GIFs to your PowerPoint slides is a fun way to enhance your slides design. Why GIFs? Because motion attracts attention. In addition, GIFs play automatically and quietly; you don’t need to click on it to start.

Here are 10 free GIFs we selected for you to optimize the visual aspect of your PowerPoint presentation!

Tips: Choose “transparent” background when download the GIF so you can have more flexibility and creativity in design.

Useful GIF icons:

Need a national flag? We got you. MotionElements provides 50 free national flags GIFs. We also offer tourist attraction icons, and daily-life stock GIFs. Come check them out!

1. Phone, iPhone (Download higher quality version)

2. USA – Statue of Liberty (Download higher quality version)

3. USA Flag (Download higher quality version)

How to add this GIF to your presentation:

GIFs for backgrounds:

These GIFs are perfect for the first slide. They are eye-catching but not over the top. Add titles and speaker names onto the GIF, then you are good to go.

1. Clouds time-lapse with inversion filter (Download higher quality version)

2. Silhouettes In An Office Building Against Of Skyscrapers (Download higher quality version)

3. Lines screensaver seamless loop (Download higher quality version)

How to add this GIF to your presentation:

GIFs for text emphasis:

Want to spice up your title text but get sick of the static icons? Look no more. Here we present you five GIFs that work wonderfully with headers.

Tips: If you want to put text title in the middle of the GIF, just add white highlight!

1. Floral leaf with alpha channel (Download higher quality version)

2. Fireworks Gold (Download higher quality version)

3. Bushy Ball Effects InOut 01 (Download higher quality version)

How to add this GIF to your presentation:

Bonus! Funny GIFs!

To brighten up your presentation, sometimes you need a funny GIF.

Trump Head expressions (Download higher quality version)

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Our GIFs are kept to a maximum resolution of 640 pixels for optimum delivery on your online media such like webpages or EDMs.

Using GIFs in Your Business

Animated GIFs can be used across different online channels in businesses to increase reach and conversions, such as Facebook promotions, digital media, social media and blogs. Here are a few examples on the usages of GIFs: