Matte Generator Squares Edition

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  • 코드:  11064498
  • 해상도:  3840 x 2160
  • 파일 크기:  95.7 MB

스틸 이미지

The Matte Generator. Squares Edition Motion Graphics template is a new take on familiar mattes. Now you can forget about hundreds of pre-rendered mattes, thanks to the new feature - Essential Graphics panel in the Premiere Pro 2017.1. 
Just import this .mogrt file, drag and drop it to the timeline, and add on your media "Track Matte Key" effect. It's very easy even for beginners. You can change settings such as size, rotation, duration of animation and others. All expressions are universalized. Available in tw0 resolutions: Full HD and Ultra HD.

Titles in the Preview video were created using Boxed Titles 
Titles and Preview are NOT included.