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Spark joy with Lottie files for web, Android & iOS devices

Your Lottie Animation, the way you want it.

Customizable and fast loading - perfectly flexible in usage.


Small microinteractions, huge UI/UX benefits

Responsive and fast loading time

Creating your desired microinteractions in JavaScript comes highly recommended.

Lottie JSON files are SVG animations created from After Effects using the Bodymovin plugin. SVG Files load fast as they are small in size. Also perfectly scalable - giving you multiple dimensions and sizes.

Cross platform

Lottie is a JavaScript library that works on Android, iOS, React Native and Web, enabling your websites and apps to use our Lottie animations in JavaScript as easily as images.

Getting started with Lottie

Lottie is an Android, iOS, React Native & Web library that renders SVG animation exported from After Effects in real time on mobile and on the web, allowing native apps to use microinteraction animations in JavaScript as easily as they use static images.

Download the JSON file you want

Easily add microinteractions to your user interface to engage your users with these high quality UI animations.

Install Lottie JavaScript library

Integrate the Lottie library for your native platform of choice.

Frequently asked questions

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Lottie animations can be used for web, Android, iOS and React Native platforms - which means on your mobile and desktop app, website projects and web pages.