Vault Door



  • Code:  10435022
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  837000
  • Polygons:  496695

High quality model 'Vault door' specially for your projects.

Quality and accurate modeling, allows you to use model in any projects.

Elaborated small details, accurate UVW mapping and high-resolution textures make the model more realistic.

Allowing to use a model in high-resolution renderers (close-up),

as well as for creating videos, video advertising or use in the film industry.

Animation of the process of opening the door (rotation of the pinions, movement of the locks) is organized through the XPresso and is performed through the slider in one motion.

Smoothing of the main elements of the scene is also performed with a single click.

Similar elements/objects (nuts, rivets, gears, etc.) of scene created as instance objects.

The model is created in Cinema 4D R16 Studio, high-resolution textures and materials are included.

Subdivision ON:

Polygons: 4 359 304

Points: 4 365 837

Subdivision OFF:

Polygons: 496 695

Points: 837 000