Cyborg Knight - Rigged & Animated Low Poly RPG/FPS…

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  • Code:  11961081
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  1833
  • Polygons:  1832

This is an FPS character that can double as RPG character. It was modeled in Blender 3D and features quads, in case you wanted to have tris you can simply divide the quads, otherwise it would be irreversible.

It is fully rigged and its animations come as actions. It's not game-ready, so you can still have some freedoms to customize it, fine-tune the animations and the textures/materials, which, speaking of, it comes with 9 different skins, all of which are BSDF materials and come with Diffuse, Metal, Roughness, Normals, Emission and SSS.

There's also damage textures, in case you want the character to die or get battle damage.

You can change the color of the skins by going into Photoshop or GIMP and using Hue and Saturation to shift the desired color (red, orange, blue etc.) to your desired tone, alternatively you can change the emission color as well to change the color of the light-up parts to your desired hue.