Predator Type Drones



  • Code:  2295288
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  2390735
  • Polygons:  2452789
  • License:  Royalty-Free
  • Source: Cinema 4D R15
  • Rendering: Cinema 4D R15

Predator Type Drones

Modelled and Textured in Cinema 4D R15

Based on the MQ-1 Predator Drone with minor modifications to make it a bit different and hopefully make it look cooler.

- 2 models | 1 with wheels for on ground renders and 1 flying model

- 1:342 size compared to World Scale ratio | just use x342 multiplier to make them real world scale

- no textures used but procedural materials made by C4D material editor

- due to high details and procedural materials they are good for closeup renders

- back rotor, missiles and wheels can be easily animated

- all objects, textures and tags named properly and easy to work with

- most parts of the drone can be turned off/on

- Drone chassis is C4D default unwrapped UV the other object UVs are non unwrapped | please note, if you want to use your custom texture files you need to unwrap UVs for perfect result

Native Geometry : NURBS

Download Version : POLYGONAL

Total objects : 37

Drone Flying : objects 16 | points 768489 | polygons 798160

Drone On Ground : 21 | points 1622246| polygons 1654629