Sample AE Projects For Hand Gestures

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  • Code:  10626673
  • Required Version:  CS4 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  No
  • Duration:  04:00
  • Resolution:  4096x2160
  • File Size:  39.2 MB

These are bonus pack for customers who purchase Hand Gestures 4K from Vapor Graphics. This contains24 After Effects Templates uses Hand Gesture videos which is suitable for all kind of videos from corporate presentations to tutorial videos.

The movies used in the projects are given below

01 Hand Up

02 Had Swipe Left

03 Hand Swipe Right

04 Finger Up

05 Finger Scroll Up

06 Finger Scroll Down

07 Finger Swipe Left

08 Finger Swipe Right

09 Finger Tap

10 Finger Double Tap

11 Finger Tap and Hold

16 Hold Mobile In Left Hand

17 Hold Mobile In Right Hand

21 Open Palm Cupped Coming from Down

22 Open Palm Cupped Coming from Right

23 Open Palm Flat Coming from Down

24 Open Palm Flat Coming from Right

25 Hold Object Coming from Right

26 Hold Object Coming From Down

27 Hold Card

28 Hold and Pull Back

32 Hold Small Object

42 Erase With Hand

45 Combine Footage 07 and Footage 16


Apple Motion 5 & FCP X users have even more exiting option! They can download the whole fully customizable projects!! So you can change the color, change the timing or easily attach an object in the hand.
Download Template for Apple Motion & FCP X here

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