Splatters Slideshow



It's an slideshow in 56 seconds for 8 pictures with place for text for beginning and ending.

After effects CC 2012

music is not included but you can find it here :


a text file is included as an instruction on how you customize the template ,

this is the content of that file :

here is the steps you need to take in order to customize this template

1. import your pictures - there is 8 placeholders

2. place them in each compositions - they called PH# - you can find them in project panel under "_PlaceHolders >> Pictures"

3. write down your titles for each picture - you can find those compositions in project panel under "_PlaceHolders >> Titles"

4. finally you would render the Main Composition called "__Main Composition -- Render This--" it's the first composition in project panel.


there is a few controls either in main composition as well as each shot

the option available in main composition are

-Particles On/Off ; the particles are not prerendered so you can change everything such as how many they are, etc ** but you should have the plugin

-Optical Lens Flare (use of Plugin) ; the lens flares are prerendered and ready to go, but you can use this option if you want to change anything about the flare, just tick the checkbox and headover the individual shot and you would find the layer with the Optical lens flare apllied to it.

- there is 2 vignette and two color grading preset which you can choose from overally.

there is color picker in every sub composition "shots" for each splatters . you can change them how you like according to your pictures.

that's about it .

if you have any question Or maybe you want customization you can reach at my email adress: shahed.naderi@gmail.com

have a good time