Pop-Out 3D Greetings Cards

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  • Code:  966718
  • Required Version:  CS5 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  Yes
  • Duration:  00:40
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  1 MB


Pop-Out 3D Greetings Cards Template – 4 Designs

Here we have an editable Pop-Out 3D Greetings Card template with 4 designs included. Almost every element in the file is editable apart from the card shadows which are pre-rendered to speed up render times. The scenes are full 3D environments so you can easily add 3D particle systems or extra 3D text.

The Pop-Out elements can be replaced with graphics, text, animations or video. There are even specular layers that offer a UV gloss effect and are affected by the reflection of the main light source.

This is an After Effects CS5 file.

Effects used :

No plugins are needed but you may want to check the After Effects Report file (Report.txt) to see what effects have been used. You can find this within the main folder.

Fonts can be replaced easily but if you want to use the fonts I used you'll need:

Congratulations : Trajan Pro

Merry Christmas : Baskerville

Happy Birthday : Arial Rounded Bold

Happy New Year : Helvetica Neue UltraLight

Editing :

An average knowledge of After Effects is required to edit this file...

• Everything is editable apart from the shadows, which consist of a pre-rendered single image for faster rendering times.

Within the After Effects folder "Cards – Edit These Elements" –

• Replace your own 3D animated cards or edit the existing ones.

• Adjust the 'pop-out' distance by simply altering the position on the Z-axis. Add any extra pop-out layers to these compositions, remembering to activate the 3D switch.

• Compositions beginning "Background…" are cropped to the card dimensions so are useful for placing graphics and text elements which you don't want extending beyond the bounds of the card.

• To replace the diagonal text on the Happy Birthday card type your new text into the composition "Happy Birthday Text". This comp is automatically repeated and animated on the main card using Motion Tile.

• Please note the movement of the Checkerboard on Congratulations Card and diagonal Happy Birthday Text have been created with a Loop Expression so they animate infinitely.

Within the After Effects folder "Cards – Render These Files" –

• Remember, if editing one of the cards in the "Cards – Edit These Elements" folder, to replace the TWO instances of the card in the main composition. One is for the reflection.

• To adjust the infinite background/floor colour simply change the FILL colour on the "Floor and Background Colour CONTROL" layer at the top of the main composition.

• These are full 3D environments so add 3D particle systems or extra 3D elements to the scenes as you wish.

• Each scene has an editable camera with only 'start' and 'end' keyframes (ie. not keyframed on every frame!) plus an editable main light source.

• It's easy to change the duration of each sequence – just add more frames and extend each layer accordingly.